Something for Everyone

Mazatlán is a tourist destination that offers something for everyone, with a wide variety of attractions and activities to enjoy. Mazatlán is a city with a rich history and culture, and has a large number of monuments and tourist attractions to visit.

Canopy Adventure

Enjoy the thrill of zip-lining through the mountains followed by a wild ATV tour. Experienced personnel are dedicated to providing guests the most exciting experience in adventure sports and ecotourism while attending to the highest safety standards.

Whale Watching Expedition

Whale watching mazatlan season begins in December each year and runs until mid-February or early March.
This wildlife adventure tour in Mazatlan is designed to meet the giants of the ocean! and to be able to capture a great photo of your encounter, you will observe the behavior of the humpback whales in Mazatlan, Led by our captains and expert tour guides who have extensive experience in the ocean.

Bicycle Road Racing

At 4-miles, Mazatlán can boast one of the longest coastal boardwalks in the world. An ideal natural track for this endurance sport, Mazatlán welcomes bikers from all over the world to the challenge of a biking challenge with a grand ocean view. Both domestic and international bicycle road racing competitions are held here year-round, offering competitors the opportunity to enjoy majestic ocean scenery and the malecón’s myriad sights.


Enjoy the thrill and adventure of discovering the vast natural beauty of Mazatlán’s Bay from your leisurely perch aboard a catamaran.

One of Mazatlán’s most popular beach activities, our cruises will expose you to beautiful seascapes and the exotic lushness of the nearby islands. See Deer Island – an ecological reserve with a peaceful surf – and get an up-close view of the area’s fishing fleet. Marvel over the highest lighthouse built on a natural base, and delight in the antics of the animat

Fun Bus

The only one of its kind in the Pacific Riviera, our open-air buses feature interactive games, surprises, and scenic views of Mazatlán. Enjoy an entertaining and informative tour while experiencing the myriad sights of our colorful, historic city.


Mazatlán is renowned as a golfer’s paradise, offering internationally-ranked courses for players of all skill levels. Choose from the Pacific Golf Center, Estrella de Mar, El Cid Resort, Club Campestre, or the Lee Treviño, Robert Trent Jones Jr. and David Fleming-designed Marina Mazatlán. Host to numerous international tournaments, each promises a professional-level challenge to any avid golfer.


Experience the unforgettable as you kayak the Mexican Pacific, where the clear and calm waters are optimal for exploring Mazatlán’s beautiful coastline.
A safe, easy, and exhilarating way to spend a day on the water, kayaks are available for excursions in the bays, along the coast, and around Mazatlán’s nearby islands. Deer Island is perhaps the best place to kayak, with its calm surf and unbeatable views of the city skyline.


Experience the thrill of sailing on the Kolonahe to the verdant seclusion of Deer Island, where you can dive into the crystal clear waters off its calm shores or relax on the sand.
A lush natural wonder boasting unparalleled views of the Mazatlán coast, a trek on the Kolonahe is an experience you surely won’t forget.

Las Labradas

Forty minutes from Mazatlán, the blue and black rocks of Las Labradas are covered in petroglyphs from Neolithic ancestors, who used the symbols as a means of communicating before writing was developed. Marvel over depictions of human figures, marine and land animals, birds, reptiles, celestial figures, and geometric shapes from thousands of years ago, the leftover recordings of ancient human thought.

The Three Islands

Known collectively as the three islands, Bird, Deer, and Wolf islands are easily accessible from Mazatlán and an essential part of its landscape.
Each with quiet beaches and fine sand, the islands are enjoyed as tranquil respites, perfect for engaging in the art of doing nothing. More adventurous types appreciate the setting for water sports, as the clear waters are ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. As its name suggests, Bird Island is also popular for birdwatching.
Boats bring travelers

Wave Runners

Enjoy heart-pumping excitement and the staggering beauty of Mazatlán from the water as you race through the ocean on a wave runner.
Travel the miles of coastline, explore the majestic Three Islands, and experience the city from a new perspective while feeling the pure joy of skimming the ocean’s waves. An incredible combination of sensory delights, there is no better way to maximize your fun.

Swim with Dolphins

Marine scientists and naturalists guide this expedition, providing commentary about the environment and sharing real-time insight into the lives of dolphins, while collecting scientific data for research and conservation projects. Meet the dolphins up close in their natural habitat as you help contribute to this important work by documenting their ecology and behaviors.

Stand-up Paddleboarding

Soak up the sun and stunning views while getting a workout on your paddleboard.
Instruction takes place on the gentle shores of Deer Island, the perfect vantage point for uninterrupted vistas of the ocean and Mazatlán skyline. Our patient and friendly local guides will make sure you’re comfortable on your board, and most important, having fun!

Parque Central

With a space of 7 hectares, distributed along 1.2 kilometers, the central park has 89 thousand 829.81 m2 of Forest, 2 lagoons of 56 thousand 399.96 m2 and 11 thousand 158.79 m2, the same ones that are used for boat rides and/or or kayak.
It has 1,040 meters of cycle path, 2,917 meters of walkways and 1,255 meters of trails. A central square, an esplanade and a Food Trucks area.

Banana Boat Ride

Experience the thrill of taking a ride on a Banana boat! Cool off and have fun dashing through the ocean while you enjoy a beautiful view of the city! Perfect for groups of friends or family.


Discover the hidden gems only locals know, enjoy stunning natural landscapes, and learn about Mazatlán’s rich history and culture on our city bike tours. Beginning with a cruise along the iconic boardwalk, riders are treated to astonishing views of the beaches and islands, emblematic monuments, and scenes of locals surfing, with leisurely stops for ice cream and coconut!
Then, head to the charming Historic Center to savor its beautiful architecture and mystic alleys. Learn about the port’s hist

Horseback Riding

Explore the lush mystery of Stone Island on horseback, where a journey through tropical foliage and coconut groves culminates in a breezy trot along the beach.
A unique thrill, this is an adventure that won’t soon be forgotten.

Parasailing Adventure

Parasailing is something you do not want to miss while vacationing in mazatlan, fly high above the water and discover stunning tropical views. Parasailing is safe and fun for all ages.

Hobie Cat

At once adventurous and relaxing, a ride on the Hobie Cat offers stunning ocean vistas and up-close views of the nearby islands.

Sport Fishing

Come on board with the largest sport fishing fleet on the pacific coast of Mexico---Aries Fleet With more than 40 years of deep sea fishing experience. All boats meet U.S. coast guard standard and have Ship to Shore radios. Fish for Marlin, Sailfish, Swordfish, Tuna, Shark and Dorado. This fleet honors the “Catch and release” program. You can opt for on-line, shared line or private charters aboard 32 – 42 foot boats.

Turtle Sanctuary

This exclusive green-tour will take you to El Verde, Camacho, marin turtle station just outside of Mazatlán where researchers have been protecting, nesting sea turtles for over 23 years. Last year alone, 120,000 Olive Ridley baby turtles were released. Biologists monitor and collect data on the sea turtle nesting and stranding activity. The nesting activity, in which the eggs are collected and incubated by the hatchery staff, occurs from july trough november each year, allowing us to share thi


After you've done this short 1-hour instruction, you will be qualified to go scuba diving in the ocean with a Dive Master up to 30 feet for the rest of your vacation! Discover Scuba Lesson is the perfect experience for your first underwater adventure.​


Feel the high-adrenaline excitement of kitesurfing in the waters of Mazatlán, where extensive beaches and killer waves prove an ideal playground for this thrilling activity.
Combining aspects of wakeboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, paragliding, skateboarding, and sailing into one extreme sport, kitesurfing harnesses the power of the wind to propel surfers along the water.


Mazatlán is the tennis buff’s dream come true, offering state of the art beachfront courts and facilities.
Public and private courts are available, and most hotels provide well-lighted courts for night tennis. There are also a number of tennis clubs in the area, most of which offer lessons.

Stone Island Tour

Lush and diverse, Stone Island has many corners to explore. Gorgeous virgin beaches, classic palapas, a rich variety of colorful bird species and thrushes of aromatic fruit trees fill the island, and are just some of the things you’ll encounter on our tour.
The journey begins aboard our catamaran, from which you can admire stunning caves, nearby islands, and highly-amusing sea lions with a refreshing drink in hand. Your arrival to Stone Island is followed by a delicious lunch – and more drinks!

Deer Island Tour

Enjoy nature on the island in the Middle. Splash into crystal blue waters, Snorkel Deer island Reef, relax on the golden sand while enjoying ice-cold drinks and taking in the view of Mazatlan and the Pacific Ocean.

City Tour

This tour is designed to get you acquainted with Mazatlan. You will visit the cliff divers, old Mazatlan, the Cathedral, the differents monuments througtout the city, downtown incliding the public market, and residential areas.

Sunset Tour

Enjoy a romantic and exclusive afternoon aboard Trimaran with a walk through the bay to observe one of the most beautiful sunsets of the Pacific.