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Mazatlán is a tourist destination that offers something for everyone, with a wide variety of attractions and activities to enjoy. Mazatlán is a city with a rich history and culture, and has a large number of monuments and tourist attractions to visit.

The Clieff Divers

Delight in the adrenaline-pumping excitement of watching Mazatlán’s own cliff divers plummet toward the Pacific Ocean in an feat of daring and precision. Marvel as they navigate rocky terrain and water depths of a mere 8.2 feet, engaging in the careful calculus of timing the tides and with the added element of a hand torch in the evening.

The Lighthouse

The second-highest lighthouse built on a natural setting in the world, Mazatlán’s lighthouse sits atop Crestón Hill, 515 feet above sea level. Topped only by a lighthouse in Gibraltar, this claim to fame is a great source of pride among Mazatlecans.

Built on an impressive natural rock formation comprising a series of cliff edges, the lighthouse was constructed during the Porfirio Díaz administration. Originally an island, the need to relocate sport fishing fleets compelled authorities to buil

Pino Suárez Open Market

Live like a local at Pino Suárez, the market where Mazatlecans do their daily shopping. The oldest and largest open market downtown, the 19th-century building – filled with reasonably-priced food, artisanal crafts, and souvenirs – has been a noteworthy attraction for more than 30 years.
Considered Mazatlán’s primary open market, Pino Suárez serves as a distributor to smaller area markets, supplying them with produce, meat, fish, art, and clothing. It is the best place to get a bargain on food,


Mazatlán's boardwalk, or Malecón, is one of the longest in the world, an oceanwalk from which you can admire all of Mzatlán’s spectacular attractions, including its magnificent beaches, the Three Island, and miles of breathtaking coastline. The Malecón extends over 4 miles in length, and is a true reflection of significantly different periods of Mazatlán’s distinctly alluring history. The Malecón’s un-interrupted expense is composed of discrete sections. You can walk, ride a boke or take an exhi

Mazatlán Lady Monument

Monument dedicated to the warmth and beauty of Mazatlan women.
"A Tribute to the most beautiful Jewels of the Port"

Deer Monument

The deer monument is the most emblematic monument of Mazatlán.

Life Monument

Life monument expresses the continuity of life. It is located at Paseo del Centenario where you also can enjoy of a beautiful subset.
A few steps from the “Woman Mazatleca,” stands a monument that expresses the continuity of life and the harmony that should exist between man and nature – the dolphins reflect the joy that we hope will prevail in everyday life.

Mazatlán Family Monument

Designed by renowned artist Antonio Lopez Saenz, was built to celebrate the arrival of the new millennium.

Pedro Infante Monument

This monument honors singing star of Mexican cinema, Pedro Infante. A posthumous tribute to the idol of Sinaloa, it is located at the south end of Paseo Olas Altas.
Pedro Infante was a recognized singing actor of the Mexican Cinema. His movies are in the hearts and memories of the Mexican people.

Fisherman Monument

Beautiful monument that shows diferent sea elements arounda two human bodies, a man and woman.

Olas Altas

Historically, the port of Olas Altas once docked and disembarked worldwide merchandise, and provided refuge to troops.

Nowadays it is the preference of those who simply enjoy peace and sunshine and surf. It is part of the old Mazatlan attractions, taking its name from the huge waves that have earned the respect and caution of careful swimmers.

Olas Altas, not surprisingly, is a surfer's delight, and is also a favorite of those who enjoy more tranquil activities. You can enjoy a relaxing su

Los Pinos Beach

A picturesque and very s mall beach located just next to Casa del Marino and Venustiano Carranza fortress on Paseo Claussen Drive. It is a family and surfers' favored beach.

North Beach

This is the longest beach within the scenic part of the city. From north to south, it starts at the Millennium monument (Valentino´s disco) and ends at the Fishermen´s Monument.
With the renovation of the Avenue del Mar you can now capture with greater intensity the beauty of Playa Norte Beach. It is part of the main bay in the port, allowing sun worshippers to choose their spot within this extended stretch of beach.
Early mornings at Playa Norte you'll meet fishermen with fresh fish, amid the

Gaviotas and Camarón Beach

These are known as the most beautiful beaches in the world, famous for their immaculate gold sand and the best hotels and restaurants. A spot to be for both locals and tourists, sunbathing here is popular, as well as swimming and diving.
For the daring there are water sports such as parachuting and the banana boat ride, and beach volley ball is also available. Sunsets here are outstanding.

Carpa Olivera

Mazatlan Soccer Stadium - Kraken

Teodoro Mariscal Beisball Stadium

Gran Acuario Mazatlán Mar de Cortés

It is a World Class Aquarium, already considered among the most outstanding in the world due to its size and importance with an area of ​​50,000 m2.
The venue will have 19 exhibition rooms, 4 interior patios, 3 exterior rooms, and 1 botanical garden, where the richness of the region's ecosystems will be exhibited: Earth, Forest, Coast, and Deep Sea, all focused on the richness and beauty of the Sea of Cortez, also known as the aquarium of the world.
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